Protect our ocean by reducing plastic waste

Our plastic waste is entering the ocean at an alarming rate and harming marine life. Ocean Wise® created the Plastic Wise campaign to raise awareness and share solutions to address the crisis of ocean plastic. Not sure where to begin? Watch this video to learn more:

Step 1: Sign the pledge

Start your plastic reduction journey with us and become an ocean champion. Sign the Plastic Wise pledge to receive inspiring stories and practical tips for reducing your unnecessary plastic.

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Step 2: Take the plastic challenge

Measure your impact and find out how much plastic you are using by taking the household plastic waste audit. Record what type and how much plastic is in your trash and share your results with us.

Don’t forget to take some pictures as you go and tag us – we love to see you getting your hands dirty!

Step 3: Take action!

Signed the pledge? Awesome! Now it’s time to take action, what plastic items did you identify as part of your audit that you want to tackle? Still looking for inspiration? Check out some of our favourites – they may seem modest – but they can make a world of difference in reducing your plastic consumption.

We also have a batch of bonus activities that’ll take you further in your mission to #BePlasticWise. These range from hosting a Shoreline Cleanup to making your own granola bars.

See challenges and other things you can do

Step 4: Share your progress

So, you completed the household audit, identified your actions and goals, took the pledge… A few weeks or months have gone by, now it is time to see how you are getting on.

Take the household audit again and let us know what has changed. Did you take the actions you identified? Did you see a reduction in your plastic use and waste?

Keen to do more?

Support a Plastic Reduction Partner restaurant

Restaurants in your city are making efforts to reduce their plastic use and help our oceans rebuild and flourish by partnering with Ocean Wise’s Plastic Reduction Program. Show them their efforts are worthwhile by supporting these partner organizations. Not sure where to start? Check out our map for a list of restaurants:

A map of Plastic Reduction Partner restaurants

Lead a Shoreline Cleanup

Help stop the leak of plastic into our Oceans by working with us to remove plastic from our shorelines.

Whether its yesterday’s litter, or plastic that has washed ashore after years at sea, every piece you collect is one less piece in the Ocean, and one more piece of information we can use to help support policy makers, businesses, and innovators implement science-based solutions that make a difference for our Ocean.

Lead a cleanup

Learn more about plastic pollution

What happens to your plastic bottle when you recycle it? How does your plastic end up in the Arctic? What happens to microplastics in the ocean? These are a few of the questions we’ll help you answer.

Curious about what all of us at Ocean Wise® are doing to fight plastic pollution? Read on to learn about our industry outreach, plastics research, rescue programs, and plastic reduction efforts.

The story of plastic and how we’re fighting this problem