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Will you help us protect the ocean from plastic?

Plastic has infiltrated almost every part of our world. Researchers are finding more and more plastic every time they look – from deep sea sediment to the ocean surface. From the North Pole to the intestines of beluga whales.

Plastics have become so pervasive that they have entered our food chain, our water supply, even the air we breathe – causing growing concerns for our health.

Our plastic waste is also threatening ocean life. It is damaging the marine environment, harming more than 800 marine species, and reducing the ocean’s ability to combat climate change.

Science tells us, if we act now we can make a difference

The problem with plastic…is us. Plastic is a reliable and useful material. But because it is cheap to produce we don’t value it. More than 40% of plastic produced is designed for single use. We have been happy to take and discard it, recycling only 9% of plastic here in Canada.

But – by adopting solutions we already have available today, we can reduce the flow of plastic into the ocean by as much as 80%.

Together we can stop the leak of plastic into the ocean, learn to value plastics instead of toss them away, and adopt innovative solutions. These actions will give marine life the chance to rebuild and flourish, enabling the oceans to sustain us for generations to come.

Join the movement, #beplasticwise

We know that making the right decision for our environment is not always straightforward. Ocean Wise is here to help by sharing the science behind ocean plastic pollution and by providing science-based tools, tips, and resources that empower you to take action.

Our experts in the Ocean Wise Plastics Lab continue to research the impact and solutions to the ocean plastics problem.

As individuals, there are simple actions we can take which will make a difference. Check out our top tips and actions you can take to reduce your plastic waste.

As professionals, Ocean Wise’s new Plastic Reduction Program offers a unique opportunity to tackle harmful and unnecessary plastic use. Through one-on-one expert support and science-backed tools, we help businesses reduce their plastic footprint and get ahead of proposed plastic bans.

Together we have the chance to turn the tide on plastic. Join us!

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